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Woodlocke Apartments

Contact Info
221 Bonnoitt Street
Moncks Corner, SC 29461
(843) 761-8572
Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed
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Pool Safety
Treadmill Safety
We Love our Residents

Enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee or tea anytime. Just one of the ways to show our grattitude for choosing to call Woodlocke your home. Stop by anytime, this one's on us!

Cell Phones For Soldiers

You can Drop your old cell phones here and we will ship them to "Cell Phones For Soldiers". Each cell phone they receive is turned into a calling card for soldiers stationed overseas.


Please call our emergency number for any after-hours or weekend maintenance emergencies


Does Your Smoke Detector Chirp?

If your smoke detector is chirping, that means your battery should be replaced. It is super easy to do. Plus the battery is available for FREE from the office. Call us if you need a battery. Please help us STOP smoke detector chirping and leave the chirping to the birds.

We love Referrals and so will you!!!

WE LOVE REFERRALS AND OUR REFERRAL PROGRAM PUTS EXTRA $MONEY$ IN YOUR POCKET. Refer your family, friends or coworkers that you would want for a neighbor. Let them know about us. If they give your name to us as the source of the referral AND rent from us, your first referral will give you $250 Darby Dollars you can use toward prepaid rent. And for each referral there after we will give you another $250 Darby Dollars.What a way to keep some extra money in your pocket while helping choose the neighbors in this community. Very important: Remind your friends/family to give us your name as the referral source when they come to see us.


Check our bulletin board often for updates.

Remember to treat your neighbors as you would want to be treated. Follow a Good Neighbor policy and you will find out exactly how kind others can be too.


Text us Anytime

Are you one of the many people who prefer a quick text to communicate? Woodlocke is happy to offer text communications for our residents and anyone who prefers this method of rapid communication. Feel free to text us any questions you may have and also inform of us of any standard maintence requests needed.

Maintenance Tip

Heat and Air Conditioner-- To keep your system running smoothly, please remember to change your air filter out regularly once per month. We have your air filter in the office waiting for you, no charge, so get yours today. Besides, changing it will save you money in electriciy.

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Satisfacts Survey Reminder

During the term of your lease Satisfacts will send you questionnaire's about Woodlocke and its team of people. We ask that you always complete these when they are available to you. Our corporate management does read each and every one they receive so your asistance is appreciated.To facilitate this, please keep us updated when your contact information changes. When you get your next survey from Satisfacts, please let us hear about your thoughts on the new Fitness Facility. Don't forget to give us all 5's! If for some reason you feel we don't deserve it, give us a call and give us the chance to change your mind!


2021 Pest Control Schedule

January 19 - Bldgs 10 - 18

February 16 - Bldgs 19 - 27

March 16 - Bldgs 1 - 9

April 20 - Bldgs 10 - 18

May 18 - Bldgs 19 - 27

June 15 - Bldgs 1 - 9

July 20 - Bldgs 10 - 18

August 17 - Bldgs 19 - 27

September 21 - Bldgs 1 - 9

October 19 - Bldgs 10 - 18

November 16 - Bldgs 19 - 27

December 21 - Bldgs 1 - 9

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